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Every business needs to market itself. Attracting new clients and retaining your existing clients can be at times challenging as there are many businesses out there that are competing for the same customer as you are.

Barter system is the unique way to market and promote your business. Attract new clients by trading goods, services you have for goods or services you and your business need.

Bartering service is a win-win proposition for both parties. By offering goods on exchange, you are eliminating your direct competitor (you are offering the unique proposition that none of your competitors are offering).

BarterBiz Canada is one of oldest and most respected trading groups in Western Canada. With hundreds of active trading partners that are members of BarterBiz as well as thousands of associate members that belong to our extended trading network of Associate Barter Exchanges through North America, you will be sure to find what you need and offer it in exchange for goods and services that you have (either full trade or blend of cash and trade for larger ticket items).

And you do not have to be a business in order to enjoy advantages of barter. As long as you can provide value service that our members are willing to trade for, both individuals and consumers are welcome to join our trading group.

In addition to being able to acquire goods and services that you or your business need, belonging to BarterBiz Canada will also expose your business to thousands of member businesses through North America. Those potential clients may otherwise be out of your business reach but could find you through searching our network of trading partners.

Bartering service is a win-win proposition for any business. If you are a business or an individual looking to expand your client list and attract new customers, please contact us today . We will show you how belonging to Barter Biz Canada can help you reach this goal.

Our Members

Digital Marketing
Print Broker
Website Design and Marketing
Business Broker (Buy Sell Business)
Vacation Properties
And Much More ...


My name is Blair Verbin and I am the new owner of Barter Biz Canada. I have been involved with many barter companies over the last 40 years. I originally started doing barter in 1980. Not only was it exciting; I was making fantastic sales!
This opened up a whole new opportunity for myself as it allowed me to purchase cars, condo’s, properties and houses across North America and locally as well as staying in very fine hotels, restaurants and taking world cruises.I have also utilized the barter system in renovating my home with trades such as roofers, plumbers, etc.

I would like to help you not only spend your barter dollars but expand the membership to open up new opportunities for the members!

Blair Verbin
BarterBiz Canada CEO & Founder

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